Villages That Inspire Us: Huffington Post Profile of Square One Villages in Eugene.

The Huffington Post released a great profile of the tiny house efforts in Eugene, OR. Often critics of the tiny house movement say tiny houses are a substandard approach when compared to the permanent supportive housing apartments cities are pursuing as part of their Housing First initiatives. This video does a great job of showing how a tiny house village can be part of a city’s overall tiny house plan.

The obsession with permanent supportive housing has caused cities like Indianapolis to overlook the need for safe transitional options while they work to develop adequate apartment space to house all those experiencing homelessness. The people interviewed in this video see their current situation as an improvement on where they came from and tell how this option has helped them find dignity in their lives. Sometimes, those of us who have not experienced homelessness can get focussed on high-sounding plans to make the lives of others better while overlooking practical, small steps that can be done to move people down the path to wholeness.

Click the photo below to watch the video.


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I currently serve as the North American team lead for Communitas International, a network of missional and microchurch practitioners that starts and shapes faith communities that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods. In this role, I have the privilege of working with a great team that shares in the vision of reimaging how faith communities engage in their communities to bring the tangible goodness of God to the lives of those who are marginalized and most vulnerable. Prior to this, I lead teams in Indianapolis, IN that focused on addressing the issue of homelessness in various ways. This included serving as an outreach advocate for Food 4 Souls and starting Circle City Village, a team that is working to build the first tiny house village in Indianapolis for people transitioning out of homelessness. Diakonos Community, our core community, worked with low-income apartment buildings where those transitioning out of homelessness were moved to help build community among residents and provide spiritual formation opportunities for those who desired it. I am blessed to journey through life with an amazing wife who is gifted in so many ways of her own and challenges me to keep growing every day. We also have three daughters who are beginning to blaze their own paths in the world and amaze us with their giftedness and kindness.

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