Getting Involved

There is more to creating a project like Circle City Village than building tiny houses and moving people in. To the right you will see a timeline of different milestones and steps we have yet to take in building CCV. As we reach different milestones we will update this timeline. Most future steps are dependent on fundraising and securing permits.

Even as we are in the prebuilding stages of Circle City Village, there are several ways to connect and find your way to be involved. Check out the calendar below for Public event times and more information.

Community Serve Days

Other than the planning meetings, one of the best ways to connect with us is at the Community Serve Days we hold the 4th Saturday of each month (March – October). You can sign up for specific opportunities on our SignUp Genius page.

A Brief History of Circle City Village

  • May/June 2016: Initial Research Begins

  • January 2017: Idea introduced to COC and the first team begins to form

  • October 2018: Began conversations with Lynhurst Baptist Church regarding building on site at 1318 S Lynhurst Dr

  • April 2019: Officially incorporated and appointed first board

  • October-December 2019: Hold multiple public information meetings

  • June 2020: Began zoning process. Also, received official 501(c)3 status with the IRS

  • March 2021: Receive Zoning Approval

  • We Are Here: Begin working with surveyors and civil engineers to develop stormwater management and site plan.

  • Still to come: Work with an architect on final certified building designs and building permits.

  • Ongoing Process: Securing financial and in-kind donations for each step of the project.

  • Still To Come: Site preparation

  • Still To Come: Build tiny houses

  • Still to Come: Pour sidewalks on Lynhurst Drive side of the property.

  • Still to Come: Build Community Building

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