Videos of Other Villages

In 2016, a team from Des Moines, IA interviewed residents and community members from the OM Village in Madison, WI. This video shows the experiences of people living near this tiny house village and how neighbors and village residents can work together to improve a community.
Community First! Village was started by Alan Graham and Mobile Loaves and Fishes in Austin, TX. This is larger than what we are planning for an initial village in Indianapolis but it has many elements to its plan that we would like to incorporate here in some way.

The Huffington Post released a great profile of the tiny house efforts in Eugene, OR. Often critics of the tiny house movement say tiny houses are a substandard approach when compared to the permanent supportive housing apartments cities are pursuing as part of their Housing First initiatives. This video does a great job of showing how a tiny house village can be part of a city’s overall tiny house plan.
In March 2018, Community First! was featured on the site, BEST in Austin. This video about Community First! Village highlights some of the people helped by moving there. We can see this happen in Indianapolis if we are willing to try.

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